MichAHI Mission Statement

Advocating Consumer Protection by Promoting
Continuing Education and
Exemplary Standards in the Home Inspection Industry.

MichAHI Values

Respect for people, property and houses.
Upholding the standards of practice put forth by the home inspection industry.
Objective, impartial and fair inspections.
Providing consumer advocacy in the Real Estate and building industries.
High ethical standards and the elimination of conflicts of interest.

What is the purpose of Michigan Association of Home Inspectors?
A number of home inspectors became concerned in 2005 when it became apparent the Michigan legislature would soon attempt to regulate our industry and require licensing. We must be heard in Lansing during this process if it is to occur! Experience in other states warns us that legislation done without input from the industry can be a disaster for the home buying consumer and the home inspector.

Though other organizations for Home Inspectors exist, they each represent only a fraction of the inspectors in Michigan and are not uniquely organized to represent the interest of Home Inspectors in Michigan. Inspectors need a unified, independent voice.

These concerned inspectors recognized this void of organized Home Inspector input to legislative process in Michigan. The Michigan Association of Home Inspectors (MichAHI) was founded to fill this need. It is not a part of any national organization. Its primary purpose is to develop statewide consensus among inspectors, and to take that consensus to the seats of power in Lansing.

What is the current position of MichAHI on government regulation and licensing?
Although the issue is constantly debated as new information comes to the MichAHI Board, the current position based on member input, the study and experience of other states, is to oppose such regulation. However, if and when legislation is proposed, we will actively become involved in the legislative process to attempt to have such legislation achieve its goal: consumer protection. We have seen that in many instances legislation has actually harmed the home buying consumer and in others done nothing, to improve the process or the quality of home inspections, except to encumber the inspector with additional work and expenses.

Does MichAHI exclude members of other organizations?
No. All inspectors are welcome.

Does MichAHI provide other services, like educational seminars?
Not at this time. Right now, our efforts are concentrated on legislative issues. However, the organization belongs to the members, and the members will determine its future activities. Occasionally an individual member will organize a seminar that MichAHI will promote.

How is MichAHI organized?
We are a non-profit Michigan Corporation, recognized as a 501-C(6) by the Internal Revenue Code. Our By-Laws can be read by following the link on the left.

Is MichAHI a credential-granting organization?
No. Organizations grant credentials to certify to the public that their members have a certain level of experience, knowledge or education. While this is a worthwhile activity, it is outside the present purpose and scope of MichAHI. The MichAHI does not evaluate the qualifications of its members and makes no recommendations concerning its members. The Consumer is encouraged to “do the homework” in selecting a home inspector.

How much does it cost to join?
Full voting membership is $100 per year. See the member application on this site.