Annual Membership Meeting 03/22/12

Annual Membership Meeting
The Michigan Association of Home Inspectors
March 22, 2012
Baker’s of Milford
Milford, Michigan
Board Officers present Tim Bunch Paul Bossenbroek Dennis Durandetto
Edward Green Mel Jacobs Patrick Lyons
Kris Miller Janis Putelis
Members and Guests Mat Dunaskiss Matt Bezanson Bill Bullard Jr.
Lon Grossman Craig Lee John Pesek
Richard J. Powell Linda Powell Richard Powell
Don Randazzo Barry Whitehead


The Meeting was called to order at 18:30 by President Janis Putelis
The meeting opened with Senator Mat Dunaskiss introducing the honorable Bill Bullard Jr., Oakland County Clerk
Legislative Consultant’s Report: Mat Dunaskiss
— Has been a great priviledge to work with the Association over the several years
— Mich represents the Heart and Soul of Michigan independent men
— It has been an honor to be associated with MichAhI
— The defeat of the Service tax was a great accomplishment for the Association
— Thanked Dennis and Kris for their support at Brian Jacobson’s gathering
— Discussion of recruiting Congressmen to work with MichAHI
— Discussion of Regulatory Reform Committe and the new direction for the State
— Fielded questions from the floor about legislation
Bill Bullard’s presentation to the membership:
1. Discussion of county government
2. 3 year balanced budget
3. AAA bond rating
4. E-filing, Electronic filing and support for County residents
5. The # of employees required to run the operation is slightly declining
6. During previous years 2/3 of the county revenue was from property taxes
7. This year it was only 48%
8. Always looking and being directed to cut expenses
9. Business operates differently under Emergency Managers
10. The good news about Oakland County is that it has a good system of government
11. A general discussion of county government followed with the membership
(Most of the membership was present during the BOD meeting and were privledged to the specifics of the officer’s reports)
Presidents Report: Janis Putelis
— It has been a great 3 years serving this organization.
— Not quite the work load of the past as we have embraced technology (teleconferences). and are more seasoned about the legistive process
— Lon Grossman thanked Janis for his guiding influence during his past 3 terms as MichAHI President
Secretary’s Report: Edward Green
— Better communication with the Organization
— E-mails
— Commended by Mel for Ed’s efforts over the past several years
Treasurer’s Report: Dennis Durandetto
— Commended by Janis for Dennis’ efforts over the past several years
By Laws: Mel Jacobs
— Commended by Lon Grossman for Mel’s service over the past several years
Policy Committe:
— No report
— Richard J. Powell nominated Lon Grossman to write a Mission Statement for the Organization
Membership: Tim Bunch
— Nothing to report
— Suggests that every member knows another inspector that is not presently a member. He requested that they recruit them into the Organization.
— Discussion of the membership of reruiting new members
1. Suggestion for changing language
2. Pointing out the difference between all of the associations in Michigan
3. Have to get home inspectors to realize what the motivation for all of the associations
Legislative Committee: Kris Miller
— Janis asked the present membership if they would be in favor of introducing a Palce Holder legislation
— A general discussion followed
— The present membership was unanimously in favor of introducing Palce Holder Legislation
New Business for 2012:
— Election of new BOD members
Don Bergman – 1 year term
Kris Miller – 2 year term
Craig Lee – 2 year term

Adjourned the Annual Membership Meeting at 20:02.

Respectfully submitted,
Edward green, Secretary

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