Annual Membership Meeting 04/26/13

Annual Membership Meeting
The Michigan Association of Home Inspectors
April 26, 2013
Southgate, Michigan

Board Officers present: Tim Bunch Paul Bossenbroek Dennis Durandetto
Edward Green Mel Jacobs Patrick Lyons
Kris Miller Janis Putelis

Members and Guests: Mat Dunaskiss Todd Arnold Matt Bezanson Steve Cross David Heine Andrew Danner Janni Juhasz Steve LaCombe Andy Neering John Pesek Richard Powell Don Randazzo Dan Vanderstelt George Vernon Rick Vernon

The meeting was called to order at 17:15 by President Tim Bunch

Approximately 30 members in attendance all introduced themselves.

President’s Report: Tim Bunch
 This is the forth meeting this year for your BOD
 Three BOD members met with Representative Jacobson on March 7, 2013
 Explained HB4162 and the MichAHI changes
 Explained “Place Holder” concept
 Will also have a “Place Holder in the Senate with Senator Greene

Legislative Consultant’s Report: Mat Dunaskiss
 Mat was introduced to the membership
 Mat gave history on how the Bills have differed
 How the bills have come about to license Home Inspectors
 Talked about the Governor pushing for energy audits
 Talked about MichAHI having control of their industry

Treasurer’s Report: Dennis Durandetto
 Renewals just went out
 Need to focus on building membership

By-Laws: Mel Jacobs
– Nothing to report

Web Site: Don Bergman
 Website will continue to be tweaked in how it looks and how it works so it can be kept current

Membership: Janis Putelis
 New Association face book page is up and running
 Page is for members only
 Free to post comments, pics, rants
 No politics or religious issues

Secretary’s Report: Edward Green
 Better communication with the Organization
 E-mails

Legislative Committee: Kris Miller
– Already reported earlier in the meeting

New Business for 2013:
 Election of new BOD members
Mel Jacobs – 1 year term
Dennis Durandetto – 2 year term
Don Bergman – 2 year term

Adjourned the Annual Membership Meeting for ASHI GLC Meeting

Respectfully submitted,
Edward Green, Secretary.

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