Board of Directors Meeting 03/22/12

Board of Director’s Meeting
The Michigan Association of Home Inspectors
March 22, 2012
Baker’s of Milford
Milford, Michigan
Board Officers present Tim Bunch Paul Bossenbroek Dennis Durandetto
Edward Green Mel Jacobs Patrick Lyons
Kris Miller Janis Putelis
Members and Guests Mat Dunaskiss Matt Bezanson Bill Bullard Jr.
Lon Grossman Craig Lee John Pesek
Richard J. Powell Linda Powell Richard Powell
Don Randazzo Barry Whitehead


The Meeting was called to order at 18:02 by President Janis Putelis

President’s opening comments: Janis Putelis
— There will be a guest speaker and presentation at Annual meeting
— Education expense and out limited resources
— Nothing going on in Lansing in terms of home inspector legislation
Vice Presidents Report: Paul Bossenbroek
— Nothing to report
Secretary’s Report: Edward Green
— MichAHI minutes for the December 6, 2011 BOD meeting
— Motion Mel, Second Paul to accept the meeting minutes. Accepted unanimously.
— Discussion of the election of BOD members at the Annual Meeting
Treasurer’s Report: Dennis Durandetto
— Listed members and new members
— Treasurer’s Report was e-mailed to the BOD
— Motion Ed, Second Patrick to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Accepted unanimously.
— Dennis credited Senator Mat Dunaskiss for his ongoing efforts
By Laws: Mel Jacobs
— Nothing to report
— Ed will assist Mel in compiling an updated copy of the By-Laws
Membership: Tim Bunch
— Nothing to report
— Discussion by Patrick on improving membership
— Discussion of plans for presentations at the Spring ASHI conference
— Discussion of new recruiting ideas
— Discussion of recruiting members from other organizations
— Ed suggests that we once again add a list of BOD meetings to the bottom of the minutes as we have done in the past
Legislative Committee: Kris Miller
— Discussion of attendance at meetings with Brad Jacobson
— Kris is maintaining contacts
New Business for 2012:
— Kris Miller – would like to see our organization work on legislation that improves the work environment of our profession
1. Kris is working with our legislative representative
2. We couold recruit MAR to aid in the process
3. We could recruit insurance companies
— Richard Powell – do we want to put Home Inspectors in the news again
— May want to become part of a larger coalition
— Kris is willing to do the research of the other professions to see if they are interested
— Patrick – The Association could aid inspectors in increasing services that they offer to their clients
— Janis suggests setting up a Face Book page for the Association. Janis volunteered to set it up. Motion ED, Second Kris to set up a Face Book page, accepted

Adjourned the BOD Meeting for the Annual Membership Meeting at 18:29:
BOD called to order at 20:10 following the Annual Membership Meeting.
The newly elected BOD members, as chosen by the membership are as follows:
— Don Bergman – 1 year term
— Kris Miller – 2 year term
— Craig Lee – 2 year term

Elections of officers by BOD members:
1. President: Tim Bunch
2. Vice President: Paul Bossenbroek
3. Secretary: Ed Green
4. Treasurer: Dennis Durandetto

The new President, Tim Bunch appoints the following:
— Membership Committe: Janis Putelis and Craig Lee
— Legislative Representative: Kris Miller
— By-Laws: Mel Jacobs
The new BOD accepted Jeff Halprin’s resignation from the BOD and offers their appreciation for his dedicated service.
Motion by Kris and seconded by Janis to adjourn the BOD meeting at 20:30, accepted unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Edward green, Secretary
Tentative BOD meeting dates:
June 19. 2012
September 18, 2012
December 11, 2012

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