Board of Directors Meeting 06/27/13

Board of Directors Meeting
The Michigan Association of Home Inspectors
June 27, 2013

Board Officers present: Tim Bunch Dennis Durandetto Edward Green Mel Jacobs Patrick Lyons Janis Putelis

The meeting was called to order at 20.23 by President Tim Bunch

President’s Report: Tim Bunch
 Sent out e-mail to Representative Jacobson on status of “place holder legislation. To date there has been no response.
 Received a invite from Representative to participate in his fund raiser.

Secretary’s Report: Edward Green
 No minutes to approve as the previous BOD meeting just concluded
 Will be e-mailed out before next BOD meeting

Treasurer’s Report: Dennis Durandetto
 Review of the MichAHI “Summary Balance Sheet”, “Profit and Loss Statements” and “Account Activity” dated June 25, 2013
Motion Ed, Second Janis to accept the Treasurer’s Reports, Accepted unanimously.
 Discussion as to present location of the Association’s sign
Motion Janis, Second Ed to purchase a new sign, Accepted unanimously.
 Patrick will make the contacts to purchase the new sign
Motion Janis, Second Patrick to approve spending up to $450.00 to purchase a new sign, Accepted unanimously.
 Dennis requested authorization to explore potential and advantages of using a different bank for the Associations. Accepted unanimously.

By-Laws: Mel Jacobs
 Nothing to report.

Web Site: Don Bergman
 General discussion of new web site or future modifications
 Tim will ask his wife to explore new web site possibilities
Membership: Janis Putelis
– Janis will change face book page to reflect the identity of the Association
– Will encourage development of communication and input of the membership
– Area code 240 has a new member. Dennis and Patrick have already made contact with the inspector

Motion Janis, Second Tim to adjourn the BOD meeting at 21:03. Accepted, unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Edward Green, Secretary.

Tentative BOD meeting dates:
September 19, 2013 @20:00
December 5, 2013 @17:00

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