Board of Directors Meeting 12/10/2019

Michigan Association of Home Inspectors
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
Location: Steaks Eatery, Jackson, MI
Attendees: Edward Green, Patrick Lyons, Tim Bunch, Richard Powell, Andy Neering,
Paul Bossenbroek, Kris Miller, Jim Willis
The Meeting was called to order by President Tim Bunch at 6 PM.
The Agenda for the meeting was distributed and unanimously approved.
The minutes of the 2018 meeting were reviewed and an inaccuracy was brought up by Ed
Green for correction.
I. Presidents Report, Tim Bunch
There was a discussion of the placeholder Bill (Bill#4506). Refinements to the Bill
were suggested and discussed including:
1. Suggestions for the composition of the Licensing Board
Tim suggested that the board consist of 60% Inspectors
and that we should look to ASHI for further guidance.
2. Discussion of possible penalties for violations of the
licensing law
Patrick Lyons brought up that the penalties in the
proposed Bill seem too severe. It was agreed to further
review the penalties in Bill #4506.
3. Discussion of Educational requirements and experience
needed to become a licensed Home Inspector in Michigan
Home Inspector Schools: Should schools be licensed? We
voted that there should be a licensed Inspector in the school
and that the school be licensed.
Hours of schooling: Currently at 80 hrs, 120 hrs proposed
4. Discussion of online vs. classroom education, it was agreed
that more discussion is needed. It was agreed that the
National Home Inspector Exam or an equivalent should be
a requirement.
5. Minimum Age Requirements: It was agreed that more
review is needed.
6. Inspection period: There was a discussion of a 7 day
inspection period vs the current 10 day period. We agreed
not to specify a time period in the Bill.

II. Treasurers Report, Dennis Durandetto
The balance at Huntington Bank as of 11/30/2019 was $5,666.27.
III. Secretaries Report, Jim Willis
No Report
Adjournment: 7:12 PM

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