General Membership Meeting 12/10/2019

Michigan Association of Home Inspectors
Minutes of the Yearly Meeting of the General
Location: Steaks Eatery, Jackson, MI
Attendees: Edward Green, Patrick Lyons, Tim Bunch, Richard Powell, Andy Neering,
Paul Bossenbroek, Kris Miller, Jim Willis, Mat Dunaskiss, Don Randazzo
The Meeting was called to order by President Tim Bunch at 7:12 PM
The Agenda for the meeting was distributed and unanimously approved.
I. Presidents Report, Tim Bunch
1. Website: Suggestions for updates and edits to the website
were discussed including a membership roster, member
application form and a link to the placeholder Bill #4506.
2. Mat Dunaskiss indicated that his group had an individual who
could make revisions to the website if granted proper
permission. We voted to have Dunaskiss Consulting and
Development edit and update the website.
3. Tim Bunch agreed to contact Dennis Durandetto to ask him to
share administrator access to the website with Dunaskiss
Consulting and Development (Dennis was not at the meeting
due to injury).
4. Membership: Tim reminded us that each of us should point out
the benefits of membership in MichAHI to other inspectors we
5. Discussion of the MichAHI Mission Statement: Tim suggested
that it may be best to refine the Mission Statement to put less
emphasis on education and to stress the main mission of
MichAHI is to be a “watchdog” to protect both consumers and
Home Inspectors from possible bad legislation which could
hurt both the public and/or our profession.
II. Legislative Report, Mat Dunaskiss
1. Mat’s Summary: With a new governor, there is a shift
occurring from Governor Snyder’s economic issues to
Governor Whitmer’s economic issues. Governor Whitmer
is still trying to get her footing to exert her influence.
2. Discussions in Lansing which might influence our
profession: possible solar incentives, action on water
quality, asbestos
III. Adjournment: 8:07 PM

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