MichAHI dues policy

Dues are $100/year.

All inspectors are full members, all pay the same rate.

Affiliate membership is for non-inspectors only.

The dues year is from April 1 to March 30.

Half-year dues are accepted only when approved by the board. If a person joins the organization between April 1 and Oct. 1, they pay the full rate for that year. If they join between Oct. 1 and March 30, they can pay $50 for dues for that half year. They will be invoiced for a full year the following spring. If someone overpays dues, the overage will be applied to the following year or half-year, as appropriate.

Renewals for current members are payable only in full-year increments.

Policy approved by President, Treasurer and Membership Chair, 12/23/08.

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